Nigerian-American artist Juliera has dropped off a new single, titled “Ooh La La”. The versatile artist’s fusion of vibrant Nigerian rhythms with American pop and R&B influences has garnered her momentum within music scenes in both countries. A cross-cultural symphony built upon a foundation of resilience and creative passion, Juliera’s musical output reflects rich, diverse musical influences and a knack for infectious, lively melodies. Her latest offering, “Ooh La La”, is a warm, lush pop-laced joint that captivates with airy vocals and cathartic percussion.

“Ooh La La”‘s bright sound is built upon a vivid sonic tapestry of immersive, dreamy keys and  atmospheric vocals layered atop a crunchy, vital rhythm section. Shuffling, engaging drum lines and rich bass merge to form a hypnotic groove beneath her, as she dynamically builds her potent verses into a memorable hook. Bringing together elements of pop, R&B, Afropop, and Afrobeats cohesively, “Ooh La La” continues Juliera’s run of colorful, eclectic songs.

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The latest from Nigerian-American songstress Juliera, “Ooh La La”‘s electrifying songwriting and lush, mesmerizing rhythms make for a refreshing listen, adding another genre-bending cut to her discography.  

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