Rising UK rap artist TENCE is proudly disrupting the global music scene with his unique style. His latest single, Telling Me Go is tearing across universal radio shows and clubs with its distinct sound. Delivering a compelling narrative that is wrapped in an irresistible energy and a heavy Jersey-influenced beat.

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This brand new track from TENCE encompasses searing passion and pragmatism, whilst actively exploring TENCE’S inner conflict. Torn between his undying love of music and the need to juggle other life interests, this song highlights his position.

Through the break-out Telling Me Go, TENCE creatively weaves his lyrical prowess over a powerful and pulsating rhythm. He has created an instant anthem for all who strive to balance their dreams with real-life propositions and realities. The single is a prominent testament to TENCE’s versatility and enduring declaration of his commitment to authentic storytelling that is consistent throughout his releases.


Recent songs, Champagne Breakfast featuring Whitty, Moral Of The Story, and Antidote, have all collectively created an impact with his well-curated trademark videos lifting above the masses. Set on breaking the mold of attitude versus art form that is littered throughout the scene, the sheer buoyancy of the vocals sat atop the aggressive, rolling beats and sweeping chords that keep his audience consistently entertained.

TENCE was born and bred in the East Midlands, United Kingdom with his formative influences emanating throughout his rap productions. He maintains an international appeal, that has quickly taken him from a local talent up to an international performer. Following his ongoing success of previous singles we expect to see TENCE continue his meteoric rise to the top of the UK scene.

This artist is fast becoming a firm favorite of underground players and radio shows. He has appeared in countless magazines and street press whilst continuing to grow his online presence. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a growing global interest in his distinct delivery and authentic artistic style. Already placed with an extensive fan base outside his native country he is definitely a name to watch as he evolves.

His ever-growing Spotify streams and playlist features are a testament to his relatability with his audience. Bold, buoyant lyricism and adept musicality clearly set him apart from the wider industry. If you’re new to the sound of TENCE you’re in for an exhilarating ride. His creative vibe is actively engaging and highly entertaining. He has the swagger of a well-seasoned artist.

Notably, TENCE has become one of the underground’s rising stars in 2024. His live showcase was attended by industry insiders and a throng of people in the know. This is one for the heads. Sit back and watch ‘Telling Me Go’ rise throughout December. We love his authentic attitude and acknowledge that this marks the sheer beginning of a great career for TENCE. Following a solid year of substantial growth and evolution, with a run of hit singles we envisage there is a wealth of exciting new projects coming from this emerging artist.

Telling Me Go Out Now

Website linktr.ee/officialtence



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