Moriah Mills is back. The once lover of Zion Williamson is airing out the Pelicans superstar, this time aiming for his weight struggles that are often the conversation of many NBA circles. Mills’ association with Williamson came during a wild offseason story in which Williamson’s actual girlfriend revealed she was pregnant, sending the adult star into an online rage.

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Hitting Tiktok, Mills stated Williamson’s publicist runs a smear campaign against her.

“Here’s some advice, Zion Williamson, since you wanna send your publicist to talk shit about me every other friggin’ week,” Mills said. “How about you get on a treadmill, speed three, level 12, and maybe you’ll lose some weight. And go on it for like an hour, too. Second, how about you stop drinking sodas? Three, how about you practice doing three-pointers? Everybody’s tired of seeing you do dunks all freakin’ day. Learn another move, it’s getting bored and tired. You’re tired and boring, just like you were in bed.”


This basketball fan will let you know we are not tired of seeing Zion Williamson dunk. You can hear it all from Mills below.

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