Keke Palmer is celebrating the holiday with her baby boy, Leodis. The actress and singer posed in a shimmering red gown in front of a fireplace, while Leodis is dressed as the best elf. Palmer goes completely blond for the look, which you can see below.

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In a second set of images, Palmer dons a Black gown as Leodis has a bow tie and cute hat. You can see it all below.

Earlier this month, Keke Palmer demonstrated the strength and independence of women in her latest music video for “Assets” from the Big Boss (Deluxe) album.


Directed by Edgar Esteves, the seven-minute visual unfolds in a vibrant beauty salon and bank, symbolizing Palmer’s versatility. The video explores themes of female empowerment and independence, as the artist embodies various comical characters. The lyrics echo a desire for acknowledgment, emphasizing that hard work should be seen as an asset, not an intimidation factor. Keke Palmer, also a businesswoman and founder of KeyTV, takes a moment in the video to champion women entrepreneurs, shedding light on the disparities they face. The “Assets” video is a powerful representation of Palmer’s commitment to delivering a message of strength, resilience, and recognition for women in all walks of life.