The music industry has seen its fair share of trends, with streaming platforms becoming the go-to for listeners everywhere. But for musicians vying for the spotlight in this crowded arena, there needs to be more than just another playlist. Although streaming platforms are an invaluable tool, they’re rarely the solution for newbies who haven’t mastered the algorithms. That’s where Sound House Music, the new compass pointing artists toward stardom, comes in.

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If they were to be honest, most well-established artists would admit that making it to the top was a journey. This is especially true for anyone who walked or tried to hack the algorithm on their own. While some succeeded, most didn’t stand out until they found mentors. Sound House Music, driven by the vision of Jessica Smythe, offers a refreshing alternative. Unlike typical streaming platforms, Sound House Music isn’t just helping artists earn cash. The team’s overarching goal is to provide artists with unique experiences, help them grow their followings, and, most importantly, be heard.

“We’re elevating artists to new heights with Sound House Music.” Jessica reiterates. “We’re more than just a platform; we’re a catalyst for music careers.” The love and respect Jessica has for music have translated into this venture, where artists are no longer bound by the confines of traditional pathways. With Sound House Music, she’s created more than just a space for artists—it’s a launchpad. “Music should be a journey of success, not just streaming.” Sound House Music is helping artists achieve precisely that, ensuring their success is about more than just monetary rewards.


For starters, the team understands landing live gigs in an industry saturated with talent can be daunting. Jessica’s team understands the grind. Instead of waiting until artists make it, they offer them gig opportunities, opening doors to venues and events that might have seemed out of reach. It’s about providing a stage, a spotlight, and an eager audience.

Mentorship is another invaluable resource for up-and-coming artists. With Sound House Music, emerging artists have the chance to connect with industry legends, soaking up their wisdom, insights, and experiences. These mentorship sessions can provide direction, shape an artist’s sound, and offer guidance in navigating the complex world of the music industry.

Moreover, Sound House Music recognizes the importance of continuous growth and networking. To that end, they’ve curated experiences that allow artists to collaborate, learn from their peers, and evolve. After all, music is about community, and Sound House Music is keen on fostering those connections.

When it comes to music competitions on the platform, Sound House Music doesn’t just cater to the established. In fact, they’ve sidestepped the usual genre-based competitions and embraced themes inspired by relevant social issues, such as global warming and Pride Month. It’s a refreshing take that resonates with a larger audience and ensures the platform never feels stale.

Additionally, they’ve gamified their platform with a unique XP reward system that encourages users to engage. This inclusive approach ensures that contestants who aren’t on a pro membership can still participate, earn XP, and win prizes.

As the industry leans toward a more inclusive stance in the future, Sound House Music is poised to lead the charge. With audiences worldwide craving diversity in sound and artists eager for platforms where they can express themselves freely, Sound House Music is leaving no stone unturned. “We believe in music’s power to unite the world, one battle at a time,” Jessica reiterates. With Sound House Music’s innovative approach, artists are in for an exciting, transformative journey.