Comedian Tiffany Haddish, known for her sharp wit and ability to find humor in almost any situation, has once again turned a personal misadventure into comedy. Last month, the actress found herself in hot water after being arrested on DUI charges for falling asleep behind the wheel in Beverly Hills.

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Tiffany Haddish incorporated her recent run-in with the law into her Christmas show at The Laugh Factory. TMZ reports that during the annual Christmas feast, organized for families in need, Haddish took center stage, dressed as Mrs. Claus, and gave her amusing take on the “beautiful” Beverly Hills jails.

Despite the seriousness of the DUI arrest, Tiffany approached the subject with her trademark humor, describing the local jails as some of the most aesthetically pleasing facilities around. She playfully highlighted the unexpected amenities offered by these seemingly glamorous holding spaces.


While joking about the luxurious features of the Beverly Hills jails, Tiffany managed to entertain the audience while shedding light on the unexpected aspects of the legal system.

Notably, Tiffany didn’t shy away from sharing details about her brief stint behind bars, expressing surprise at the cleanliness of the facilities and even commending the availability of quality feminine products.