In the mindset of two great boxing champions who came before him, undefeated B-More native Gervonta Davis has taken his Shahadah, converting to Islam. Video footage of Davis taking his Shahadah has surfaced, while criticism has already been given to the boxer for the Islamic name he has now chosen for himself.

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Just as famous Muslim converts Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar chose new names along with their new religion, Davis has chosen the name Abdul Wahid, which means “slave to The One”. Imam Hasan Somali disclosed Davis’s Muslim name, explaining, “The attribute that he chose, the name that he chose as a Muslim, is Abdul Wahid. It means the servant of the One, from the names of Allah, the name of God, which is Al Wahid.”

It is not confirmed if he will continue to fight under the name Davis or his newly received name. Other athletes, such as Kyrie Irving and Mike Tyson, continued to use their given names in public after their conversion to the most practiced religion on the planet.