It looks like fans of the Get Out Director, Jordan Peele, will be on pins and needles before his next horror movie on the big screen.

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As reported by The Wrap, Universal Pictures just pushed back the Academy Award-winning filmmaker’s next movie set for release around Christmas 2024 … Sheesh. Blame the six-month-long WGA strike and subsequent SAF-AFTRA work stoppage for the scheduling shakeup. 

Although untitled, this will be Peele’s fourth film of a five-year deal with his Monkeypaw production company. 


Nope, Peele’s last film, did fairly well grossing $172.3 million at the box office. ICYMI Nope starred Keke Palmer, alongside Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya and Walking Dead alum, Steven Yeun, headlining a story about horse-wrangling siblings (Palmer and Kaluuya) who try to capture evidence on camera of well, a UFO. With a $68 million, Peele’s biggest of any of his features, he was poised for another big moment with a coveted Christmas season release. 

Unless you were under a rock, Peele, took the movie business by storm in 2017 making his directorial debut of the critically acclaimed film, Get Out. The horror hit that had a social commentary undertone grossed a whopping $255 million worldwide against a $4.5 million budget. Get Out garnered four Oscar nominations and Peele, although nominated for Best Director, won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

With all that steam there’s no announced release date, or title for that matter on Peele’s next big splash in the horror genre. Stay tuned.