Days after dropping off his top films of 2023, Barack Obama is back to deliver the best music he heard this year. The list is headlined by Beyoncé, Victoria Monét, Megan Thee Stallion, and more.

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Barack Obama is known for delivering his favorite tunes every year, but now he is giving a peak into his watch list. The 44th president of the United States of America has revealed his favorite films of 2023.

“Earlier this year, writers and actors went on strike to advocate for better working conditions and protections,” Obama wrote. “It led to important changes that will transform the industry for the better.


“Here are some films that reflect their hard work over the last year — including some like Rustin, American Symphony, and Leave the World Behind that we were proud to release through @HGMedia”

His production, Leave the World Behind, leads the way on his list. He also put Rustin and American Symphony in his top three.

Oppenheimer, American Fiction, Air, The Holdovers, and more are additional films included.

You can see the full list below.