It’s officially 2024 and everyone is ready to put 2023 behind them. As we celebrate New Year’s Day, it’s hard to forget the terrible news that plagued the start of last year: the legendary Gangsta Boo from Three 6 Mafia had passed away.

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This year, DJ Paul took the time to pay tribute to real name Lola Mitchell, who died of an overdose in her hometown of Memphis. She was found unresponsive at her mother’s home on New Years Day last year, with reports indicating she had fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol in her system. Reports indicate she died at 43 years old to an accidental overdose.

DJ Paul shared a heartfelt post to his 512K followers on Instagram, with the caption: “1 Year Today & I Can Feel It! Started Feeling it A Month Ago. Rest Queen, You’ve Worked Hard Enough🙏🏽”


The post itself was a collage of Gangsta Boo photos with angel wings, reminding audiences that she is resting well in heaven. The song he choice was Gangsta Boo’s “Love Don’t Live (U Abandoned Me).”

Close friend and artist La Chat also shared the same sentiments, posting on her own page: “”One of the saddest days of my life!! Long live Gangsta Boo. Fuk da dealer, U a Killa, coward ass n*gga.”

With a similar sentiment, La Chat also honored her friend and collaborator on social media, writing: “One of da Saddesst days of my life!! LongLiveGangstaboo FukDaDealer,UAKilla’ CowardAXXNicca.”

Gangsta Boo’s brother, E Gutta, (real name Eric Mitchell) was supposedly with her the night of the incident, who also suffered an overdose. Both were hospitalized, but unfortunately he survived and Gangsta Boo didn’t.

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