Watts-born hip-hop sensation Fedie Demarco is profoundly impacting the rap scene with a powerful resurgence of authentic lyricism in Gangster Rap. Amidst a genre often saturated with trends, Fedie stands out by bringing back the raw, unapologetic essence that defined Gangster Rap as a cultural force.

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Coming from the iconic streets of Watts, Fedie Demarco distinguishes himself not only for his impeccable flow but also for infusing genuine lyricism without succumbing to the overly commercialized trends prevalent in the industry.

Sharing insights into his musical journey, Fedie reflects on growing up in California and navigating the challenges of being raised by a single parent. His latest release, “Grand Imperial,” a remake of Rakim’s classic “Microphone Fiend,” pays homage to hip-hop’s roots while adding a contemporary flair. Ice-T, recognizing Fedie’s talent, collaborated on the track, solidifying the East Coast-inspired West Coast sound.


Directed by Ice-T and filmed by Voice2hard, the “Grand Imperial” music video captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop with a raw, authentic feel. Fedie Demarco’s dedication to preserving Gangster Rap’s roots while evolving its sound positions him as a rising star and a torchbearer for the genre’s authentic spirit. His refusal to compromise on artistic vision sets him apart, making him an artist to watch in the rap game.