In a groundbreaking initiative, Fat Joe, Jelly Roll, and Wyclef Jean are set to join forces with Power To The Patients for an impactful event in Washington, D.C., on January 10 at Hamilton Live. The artists aim to raise awareness and advocate for a more affordable and equitable healthcare system through enhanced price transparency.

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The event, attended by Congressional leaders and government officials, will spotlight the injustices resulting from hidden prices by hospitals and insurers, hindering competition and allowing the industry to avoid accountability for overcharges and price gouging. Fat Joe will serve as the emcee, while Jelly Roll and Wyclef Jean will deliver performances, adding a powerful artistic dimension to the advocacy.

“The U.S. healthcare system is America’s sickness,” said Fat Joe. “Healthcare price transparency isn’t a partisan or complicated issue. It’s common sense. The only people opposed to it are healthcare industry interests profiting by keeping patients in the dark. Price transparency can protect patients, families, employers, workers, even our own government from healthcare overcharging and pricing fraud as it does everywhere else in the economy. Clear prices allow consumers to choose affordable treatments without worrying that routine care will result in overcharges and even bankruptcy. Price transparency holds hospitals and insurance companies accountable, forcing them to compete and lowering costs, improving healthcare access, quality, and outcomes.”  


Fat Joe, along with Power to the Patients, affiliated organization Patient Rights Advocate, and employers nationwide, will engage in meetings with Congressional leaders, urging the passage of healthcare price transparency legislation.

Power to the Patients has been instrumental in Capitol Hill awareness efforts, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive healthcare price transparency legislation. Previously, Fat Joe met with Congressional leaders and the White House in April 2023 and collaborated with fellow musicians in September 2023 for a compelling public service announcement (PSA) demanding elected officials commit to price transparency.

The artists underscore the deception caused by hospitals and insurance companies hiding prices, leading to stifled competition, overcharges, fear, debt, and devastation across the country. The advocacy extends beyond the event, with ongoing PSAs and billboards across Washington, D.C., amplifying the message for honest, affordable, and equitable healthcare.

Amidst a healthcare crisis where over 100 million Americans are in medical debt, the event aligns with recent bipartisan legislative efforts to strengthen healthcare price transparency requirements, signaling a growing momentum for essential changes in the healthcare system.

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