In the captivating story of Jay Lilley, widely recognized as the “Court King,” lies an incredible odyssey from modest beginnings in North Carolina to an influential figure in the sports construction sphere, all while leading notable philanthropic initiatives. Jay’s tale embodies the virtues of resilience, unwavering dedication, and an insatiable quest for excellence.

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Jay’s childhood amidst the pulsating basketball culture of North Carolina forged an unbreakable connection with the courts. In a neighborhood fraught with challenges, basketball wasn’t just a sport—it became Jay’s refuge, a source of profound life lessons, and the nurturing ground for his lofty dreams.

The impact of basketball extended far beyond the game for Jay; it became a medium that instilled invaluable life skills—quick learning, leadership, and unyielding mental fortitude. Encounters with formidable opponents instilled in him the enduring “Mamba Mentality,” an indomitable will to conquer adversity.


Steering away from dreams of NBA stardom, Jay embarked on a new journey, catering to high-profile clients. His atypical approach—treating all clients equally, fostering genuine connections, and delivering unmatched services—formed the bedrock of his success.

Court Dreams emerged from Jay’s realization of the lack of black ownership within sports construction firms, drawing from his experiences in overcoming obstacles. The brand’s distinct focus on elite clientele and innovative court designs set it apart, firmly rooted in Jay’s personal narrative of courage, resilience, and self-belief.

Court Dreams proudly showcases tailor-made basketball courts for global icons such as Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, Deontay Wilder, Future, Boosie, Trae Young, Mendeecees Harris & Yandy Smith. The brand’s illustrious projects span collaborations with the Atlanta Hawks, NIKE Tournament of Champions, and Morehouse College.

At the heart of Jay’s vision lies philanthropy. Court Dreams’ contributions of custom courts to underserved communities reflect Jay’s profound commitment to giving back. His role as a Global Ambassador for the Sharon Ringo Foundation of Tanzania, coupled with partnerships with Afrikicks, underscores his global impact initiatives.

Recent ventures include collaborations with Morehouse College, overseeing the construction of a new sports arena basketball court, and ongoing initiatives aimed at providing courts to underprivileged areas—a testament to Jay’s unwavering dedication to support those in need.

The upcoming launch of Court Dreams International in the Middle East in 2024, in partnership with esteemed business figure Sherin Yosry, seeks to establish a global presence. This initiative aims to provide custom courts and basketball clinics to youth worldwide, extending Jay’s impact across borders.

Jay Lilley’s transformative journey—from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success, shaping the sports construction landscape, and effecting change through philanthropy—serves as an inspiring testament to resilience, perseverance, and leaving an enduring legacy.

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