Shannon Sharpe recently admitted he was offended over criticism that he was starstruck during his interview with Katt Williams instead of asking important follow-up questions.

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Katt’s infamous interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast went viral last week, but social media users criticized Shannon’s interviewing skills.

One viewer tweeted (then deleted):


“Shannon Sharpe’s poor interview skills make me feel like he is just not an active listener at all because he left soooooo much on the table with Katt. Interviewing (like journalism) is a skill and it sucks how we’ve minimized its importance over time.”

“I never said I was a journalist,” Shannon told former NFL star Chad Johnson during the “Nightcap” podcast on Thursday. “Follow up question with what?”

Shannon claimed Katt’s appearance was simply a “conversation” between friends.

“If you listened in my intro, I said… the person that’s coming by for conversation and a drink. I’m a conversationalist.”

Shannon continued: “I never professed to be a journalist. I’m an entertainer. If you want hard-hitting questions, ’60 Minutes’ is the platform for you. ‘Dateline.’ ’48 Hours.’ Go to Lester Holt.”

However, social media users argued a good conversationalist requires listening skills and Shannon struggled.

The Club Shay Shay episode racked up over 36 million views in 4 days.