In a powerful display of unity, hip-hop icons Fat Joe, Jelly Roll, and Wyclef Jean joined forces with Power To The Patients to host an intimate event at Hamilton Live on Wednesday evening (Jan. 10). Attended by approximately 500 Congressional leaders and government officials, the event aimed to champion a more affordable and equitable healthcare system through enhanced price transparency.

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Fat Joe admired Jelly Roll’s musical prowess during the gathering, commending his unique blend of rap and country. Backstage, he shared that he repeated Jelly’s hit song “Need A Favor” in 2023. The collaboration was part of their effort to advocate for healthcare transparency and affordability.

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Wyclef Jean took to the stage, rallying members of Congress to chant “Power To The Patients” and urging them to press President Joe Biden to prioritize healthcare transparency.

The event shed light on the injustices created by hospitals and insurers concealing prices, hindering competition, and enabling the industry to avoid accountability for overcharges and price gouging.

Fat Joe and Power to the Patients have been pivotal in raising awareness on Capitol Hill regarding the pressing need for comprehensive healthcare price transparency legislation. In April 2023, Fat Joe met with Congressional leaders and the White House to advocate for enforcing price transparency rules neglected by many hospitals nationwide.

In September 2023, Fat Joe and Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Method Man, and Chuck D unveiled a compelling public service announcement (PSA) with Power To The Patients. The PSA called for elected officials to commit to price transparency, promoting honesty, affordability, and equity in healthcare.

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Their collective efforts extended to New York City, where, in June 2023, Mayor Eric Adams signed the Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act, establishing the nation’s first Office of Health Care Accountability. The act allows New Yorkers to compare hospital costs for the same services, marking a significant step towards healthcare transparency.

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