In a spectacle that went beyond the boundaries of traditional fashion events, The Lo-Life Movement’s 2024 Capsule Line reveal at the annual “Lo Goose On The Deuce” in Times Square drew hundreds of Lo Life / Polo Ralph Lauren connoisseurs from across the country. Lo Life enthusiasts and fans who could not attend the event were able to view this phenomenon on and also buy the new collection directly from Livestream, which sold out the Jaclar sneaker collection within an hour. The Lo Life movement started in 1988 and has created a fashion phenomenon around the world. The event not only showcased the movement’s evolution but also featured a contest that brought enthusiasts together to flaunt their rarest and most exclusive Polo Drip. 

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Enthusiasts from all over the country came to showcase their rare and most coveted Polo Ralph Lauren pieces, some even from the ’80s and ’90s, with final contestants reigning from California, Maryland, and Minnesota. The contest, aiming to crown the individual with the best Polo Drip, brought forth a display of vintage and rare gear that’s notoriously hard to find. The final contestants, representing the diverse corners of the U.S., elevated the competition with their unique collections. The winner is chosen by crowd participation.

Contest Results:

  • Winner: Trama Sutra from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Drip Highlights: Drenched in vintage Polo Bear gear, Trapa Sutra stunned the crowd by unveiling the rare gold Polo tray from the ’90s. The back of his goose coat paid homage to the legendary Lo Life originator “Ski Black,” showcasing not just fashion but a deep connection to the movement’s roots.