21 Savage adds another layer to his latest album, american dream, with the release of the music video for the London On Da Track-produced track, “redrum.”

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Directed by British filmmaker Danny Seth, the video unfolds in Brixton, Savage’s hometown in London, during his homecoming trip in December—a significant return for the artist who hadn’t been to the UK since he was 12.

The video playfully challenges stereotypical depictions of London, opening with iconic symbols like Big Ben and red telephone booths. However, it swiftly transitions to showcase the authentic London as Brixton youth passionately rally around 21 Savage, emphasizing his undeniable connection to the city. The video captures the rapper’s triumphant return to the UK, marked by local support and a vibrant display of Brixton’s culture.


Exploring the success of 21 Savage’s album, it became intriguing to determine how much they have already earned from their new tracks. By meticulously analyzing the number of streams on popular music platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music, three most popular tracks were selected – “redrum”, “née-nah”, and “n.h.i.e.”, which collectively garnered a significant number of listens. For instance, “redrum” achieved 10,997,555 plays on Spotify and 4.8 million on YouTube Music and “née-nah” – 10 672 030 (Spotify), 1.3mln (YouTube Music). According to calculations by the comparison team from CasinospotFR, only on Spotify, the track “Redrum” generated a revenue of $43,990.22, while on YouTube Music, the same track earned $8,400.00. The total income from these three tracks on both platforms over a few days amounted to $136,355.84. We will continue to observe the further development and popularity of the album.

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