Alabama’s burgeoning hip-hop scene is about to witness a dynamic surge as GMF Fatboy and Big Yavo join forces for their eagerly awaited “Speak Spanish” video. The release marks a powerful start to the new year, promising significant accomplishments for both artists in the southern music landscape.

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Rising star GMF Fatboy, renowned for hits like “D Rose” and “Skate Kicks,” hails from Bessemer, Alabama, near Birmingham. His early passion for music, showcased on his YouTube channel, catapulted him to success. With authentic storytelling and raw lyricism, GMF Fatboy has connected profoundly with audiences, leading to collaborative projects with Big Yavo.

Deeply rooted in the Southern experience, GMF Fatboy brings a genuine voice to hip-hop. The upcoming collaboration album, “Hardy Brothers,” alongside Big Yavo, scheduled for release in February 2024, is poised to make a significant impact, solidifying Alabama’s position on the hip-hop map.


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