In a recent appearance on the “Highly Initiated” podcast, social media influencer Dr. Umar Johnson stirred up more controversy with his statements linking emotional damage to sexual promiscuity in women. The podcast, which aired on January 14, featured Dr. Umar expressing his views on the impact of emotional trauma on relationships.

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During the discussion, Dr. Umar shared, “If you are traumatized, if you are emotionally damaged; you are promiscuous.” He went on to say that emotionally traumatized individuals seek constant validation from others, leading to behaviors he associates with promiscuity.

His main argument is the belief that children need both parents for emotional and psychological development, emphasizing the significance of a father figure. Dr. Umar stated, “If a woman’s father loved her, she won’t have trouble loving a man,” suggesting that a father’s presence in a child’s life is crucial for healthy emotional development.


According to Dr. Umar, women who had their fathers actively involved in their lives “operate in the dating game completely different” compared to those who did not. He implies that the absence of a father figure may contribute to trust issues and a lack of confidence in navigating relationships for some women.

His remarks have sparked discussions around personal experiences, parenting, and the impact on romantic relationships.

Critics point out that attributing promiscuity solely to emotional trauma may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmatize individuals who have experienced trauma. It raises concerns about the potential for victim-blaming and reinforces outdated beliefs about women’s behavior based on their upbringing. He also spoke on rappers showing color preferences including Jay-Z and ‘woke’ black conscious communities.

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