In a recent visit to The Danza Project podcast, G-Unit soldier and controversial rapper Uncle Murda reinforced the sentiment that “all rappers lie” and even included himself in that consensus.

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The “Rap Up” emcee went on to tell a story about himself, embellishing a story, saying, “I remember I lied about getting shot in the head. That was early on in my career — I lied about getting shot in the head because I wanted to like, ‘Aight, s***, maybe I could get this whole 2Pac/50 Cent wave going on right now, n****.’” 

He went on to say that the song “Brooklyn” featuring Fabolous and Jay-Z gave him the notoriety to run with the story, adding, “‘Let me act like I got shot in the head for real, and then it’s going to be like, ‘Oh shit! Murda got shot in the head! The next day he back like ain’t shit happen.’’”