Former Basketball Wives star Brittish Williams is facing legal troubles after failing to surrender as scheduled for her four-year prison sentence on fraud charges. The reality TV personality had initially been granted a delay in her surrender date to spend Christmas with her daughter before serving her sentence.

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According to court records obtained by Radar Online, Williams was due to turn herself in on January 3, but she did not check into prison as ordered. Instead, hours before her scheduled surrender, she petitioned the court to reduce her four-year sentence to 2.6 years.

Williams, who accused the judge of imposing a harsh sentence due to her celebrity status, filed an appeal challenging the original four-year sentence. The reality star argued that a reduced sentence would eliminate the need for her to be transported back and forth between the prison in West Virginia and the court in Missouri.


However, prosecutors opposed the motion to reduce Williams’ sentence, asserting that the initially imposed four years behind bars was appropriate. They pointed out her failure to report to the Bureau of Prisons as directed and emphasized the generous disposition she had already received.

Days later, court records revealed that Williams was arrested on January 12, though details surrounding the arrest remain unclear at this time. The Federal Bureau of Prisons currently does not list Williams as an inmate at Alderson, the designated prison facility.

As the process unfolds, the reality star may face further consequences, raising questions about the impact on her impending prison term and the reasons behind her arrest on January 12.