Ice Spice is headed to court after a Brooklyn rapper claims he stole his song to create her single “In Ha Mood.”

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According to Billboard, rapper D. Chamberz filed a complaint in Brooklyn federal court stating the Ice Spice banger is “strikingly similar” to his own single “In That Mood.”

“By every method of analysis, ‘In Ha Mood’ is a forgery,” the complaint reads. “Any proper comparative analysis of the beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement, and narrative context will demonstrate that ‘In Ha Mood’ was copied.”


The suit also names producer RiotUSA, Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, and 10K Projects.

The documents also read, “Non-expert listeners have independently pointed out that Defendants ‘stole’ ‘In That Mood’ in creating ‘In Ha Mood.’ The two songs clearly employ numerous noticeably similar composition elements and lyrics, which result in a sound and feel that are very much alike.”

You can hear both singles below and read the full documents on Billboard.