Casey’s, the distinguished Pizza & Beer Headquarters, has partnered with Spice Adams to launch the search for their first Chief Pizza & Beer Officer. This coveted role aims to enhance the pizza and beer experience by meticulously curating the perfect pairing at Casey’s.

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The Chief Pizza & Beer Officer position is a bona fide and prestigious opportunity for a passionate enthusiast to immerse themselves in the world of pizza and beer. The candidate will explore, taste, and match Casey’s pizza with the finest beer selections. Additionally, the Chief Pizza & Beer Officer will generate captivating social media content, engaging audiences and encouraging them to savor the delightful combination of Casey’s pizza and beer. It’s not just a job; it’s a delicious adventure!

Speaking with The Source, Spice Adams revealed what the incredible position needs in a candidate and details his experience in entertainment.


You are working alongside Casey’s, the pizza and beer headquarters, and are looking for the best candidates for the most delicious position ever, the Pizza and Beer Officer. What are some traits that are ideal for the candidate?

Well, you got to love pizza. You go to be a connoisseur, excited and ready to tell people about Casey’s man. This is one of the top pizza chains in the nation. When you go to Casey’s, it’s in a gas station but it’s quality food in there with fresh ingredients. You can go there now and get a breakfast pizza. It’s off the chain. If you think about eating breakfast, you’ll have eggs, cheese, bacon, and then you might put it on piece of bread. But how about it being on the actual pizza dough? It’s genius man. Unbelievable. So I’m looking for someone with that same passion in their voice when talking about both pizza and Casey’s.

If you can recall, what is your first Casey’s experience?

Well, I was going to get some gas, and then I went inside to get something to drink and was caught off guard by all the options you could get. But then I saw the pizza. It was a pizza car outside, but to go inside and have pizza in there had to be good. I wanted to see what it was hitting for. There’s a kitchen that is clean, pristine, boxes, and then I realized the car outside is a delivery car. So this is their thing. I grab a piece and it was off the chain. So when the opportunity presented itself to be involved in finding the Pizza and Beer officer, I couldn’t resist.

You’re on an amazing journey. NFL player to TV personality to Comedic Influencer. During all those roles and now with this hiring campaign, what have you learned about yourself?

I learned as a child that I was an entertainer. And right now, I’m doing what I’ve always done. I didn’t have any brother and sisters so when people came to visit I entertained and it made people want to continue to come back again. I started getting bigger and my mom suggested I play football but I also played basketball in my neighborhood. Football was an extension of entertainment and I loved the comradarie of all my teammates. But now, I gravitate towards entertaining. Everything on the social media and TV side is something I have always done. Now, I have turned it into a good job. I’m not hurting anybody, my kids are having a good time, and I’m living the dream.

As you transition through entertainment, while entertainment also transitions, how do you keep yourself prepared for the changes?

You always look at what’s trending. Everytime you look on the Internet you see what’s popping. I try to align that with what I do. I think that you can never get caught up or it won’t be fun. I’m doing what I like to do and its funny. I’m doing things that are relatable to other folk. If I have to step outside of something that I’m not, it’s a red flag. People gravitate toward what’s real.

Stepping back into the world of Casey’s. Do you have a favorite Casey’s pizza and what beer would you pair it with?

I’m a simple dude. I go straight pepperoni. If you can’t get pepperoni right, how can you call yourself a great pizza chain? Currently, I’m trying to not drink beer because I’m trying to drop some weight. If I was playing still, I would burn it off in one practice so I never really cared about what and how I ate. My son is wrestling now so I can’t walk around with the beer belly. So for me, just a simple pepperoni and cheese.

We are getting near the end of the NFL Playoffs. What are you looking forward to seeing?

The 49ers are the team that drafted me, so I want them to do well. But Detroit is my hometown and I want to see them as a whole city do well. I’m torn between the Niners and Lions. I don’t know who is going to the Super Bowl between those two. I feel like I’m in a position right now where I can’t lose, man. Nobody had the Lions winning 11 games.