Kevin Gates is gearing up to release his highly-anticipated forthcoming album titled The Ceremony, and he’s celebrating in a major way. 

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On Friday, Jan. 19th, the Louisiana native hosted an exclusive, invite-only album release party in downtown Los Angeles, taking over Savanna rooftop for an evening for the books. The event was an all-black affair, with Gates stealing the show in an all-white tuxedo. 

When it came time for Gates to take the stage, he opened up to the crowd about how far he’s come, and how his past does not define him.


“It was the reuniting of myself,” Kevin Gates states. “I finally learned to love the stranger that was once myself. Anybody in here that’s dealing with anything that they’ve been through, past traumatically or any type of traumas, I want you to know one thing: we are not our pasts. We’re nothing that we ever did in the past. We are only the face of the circumstances and the decisions that we made. We have today and forever to always make the right decisions and correct everything, and love everything.” 

He adds, “What makes Ceremony so important is I learned to love the stranger that was once myself. Nothing external ever adds value. From the inside is what comes.”

Anyone who knows Kevin Gates personally knows he’s a man of God and walks in his faith. His ability to inspire and motivate fans to become the best version of themselves goes further than any hit record, plaque, or accolade.

The evening was nothing short of a celebration, and we’re excited to hear the new album!