In the space where media intersects with empowerment, eXpozedTV stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Founded by visionary Katiria Colon and dynamically expanded by Matte Thomas, this platform transcends traditional boundaries, blending artistic expression with significant societal impact. Let’s dive into the narrative of eXpozedTV, a story as much about nurturing creatives as fostering growth.

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Katiria Colon embarked on her journey in 2011 with a vision to create a platform extending beyond entertainment—a space resonating with and supporting artistic talent. ‘I envisioned a space showcasing talent while making a tangible difference,’ Katiria shares. Established in 2016, eXpozedTV became a haven for artists, providing a stage for their stories and talents. Milestones like Colon’s role at Jamn 94.5 and eXpozedTV Studios’ establishment in 2021 echo her unwavering commitment to the industry.

Matte Thomas’s collaboration brought unique insights and a shared commitment to empowerment, propelling eXpozedTV to new heights. ‘Matte’s involvement has been pivotal in amplifying our impact through creative visuals and branding,’ Katiria highlights. Their unified dedication focused on deeply engaging and supporting local communities.


Their journey faced typical media industry challenges, yet their people-centric approach remained steadfast. They navigated financial hurdles and competitive landscapes with a focus on benefiting their audience and society. ‘Every obstacle was an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to our mission,’ Matte reflects.

A pivotal achievement was the successful execution of the ‘Grind Jam Session,’ presently referred to as ‘Grind CON.’ This music business conference, evolving over five years and adapting to a virtual format during the pandemic, stands testament to their determination to support the music scene. ‘It was our way of giving back, of keeping everyone engaged with knowledge and resources,’ Katiria recalls. Notably, the upcoming 2024 Grind CON is set to take

place in Boston in October, showcasing their dedication. Moreover, eXpozedTV is expanding its reach to NYC with an event in June 2024. Tickets are available at

Katiria and Matte’s leadership style revolves around uplifting others, creating spaces where creativity and societal welfare go hand in hand. eXpozedTV targets a diverse audience, focusing on creatives and brands, with initiatives designed to positively impact society. Whether through quality content, artist and brand development, workshops, or public events, their services aim to showcase talent and empower the communities they serve.

Looking ahead, eXpozedTV aims to broaden its societal impact both locally and internationally by expanding studio locations and enhancing their platform for community-oriented projects. ‘Our vision extends beyond media; it’s about creating a global community of empowered creatives,’ Matte shares.

For those aspiring to make their mark, Katiria advises considering the broader impact. ‘Your business should contribute positively to society, not just focus on profit,’ she advises.

Their involvement extends to actively participating in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, focusing on initiatives supporting societal development through networking, mentorships, workshops, and collaborations.

eXpozedTV serves as a comprehensive hub for artists, creatives, and brands, offering high-quality content production, visibility enhancement, and branding solutions. These tailored offerings directly tackle industry challenges, fulfilling vital needs within their target audience.

Looking forward, eXpozedTV envisions a future marked by expansion, international growth, and a prominent standing within the film production industry. This vision aligns seamlessly with their broader goal of nurturing a more interconnected and influential global creative community.

Beyond being a media company, eXpozedTV embodies a platform that celebrates diversity, amplifies marginalized voices, and empowers creatives. Through initiatives like high-quality

branded content and artist development programs, eXpozedTV is a testament to its commitment to fostering creativity and driving positive impact.

As eXpozedTV moves forward, October 2024 will mark 8 years, and February 2024 will commemorate three years of their brick-and-mortar film production studio.