Comedian Kevin Hart has escalated legal action against his former personal assistant, Miesha Shakes, and blogger Tasha K, following a contentious interview that led to a defamation of character lawsuit. In the latest development, Hart has submitted a crucial piece of evidence to the court: the non-disclosure agreement signed by his ex-assistant, Miesha Shakes.

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Radar Online reports that this evidence is a part of Hart’s plea for a restraining order and injunction against the duo. The legal dispute stems from an interview Miesha Shakes did with gossip vlogger Tasha K, in which Hart claims she made several false statements about him. This interview prompted Hart to take legal action last month, alleging defamation.

Miesha Shakes was employed by Hart from August 2017 to October 2020. The lawsuit details an alleged attempt by an associate of Tasha K to extort $250,000 from Hart in exchange for not publishing the interview. Hart refused to pay the sum and instead chose to contact the police. His team also issued a cease and desist letter to Tasha K, demanding she not post the interview due to the existing non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and the alleged false claims made by Miesha.


Despite the cease and desist, Tasha K published the interview. In response, Hart has now attached to his motion the NDA signed by Miesha. This agreement, executed on October 22, 2020, after her employment ended, stipulates that Kevin Hart agreed to pay Miesha $30,000 per year for three years and provide health insurance for 36 months. In return, Miesha agreed not to disclose any confidential information learned during her employment and not to exploit Hart’s name without his advance written consent.


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