Diddy is facing a new lawsuit, issued by Charles Kenyatta Jr. a.k.a. Charlie Cee for trademark infringement and breach of contract.

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According to AllHipHop, Kenyatta is suing over the phrase “Act Bad,” stating he did not allow Diddy to use it for merchandise that was connected to his single of the same name. Diddy’s legal team is accused of ignoring emails in regards to the matter.

“The Certificate of Engagement and release Bad Boy Part 4 LLC contract was made and signed without the consent, assent or knowledge of Charles Kenyatta Jr.,” the lawsuit reads. “Plaintiff was entered into a contract with Sean Combs, owner of Bad Boy Part 4 LLC, without consent. The contract was sent to Plaintiff’s Entertainment Lawyer Andrew Covington on June 1st, 2023. The Plaintiff’s lawyer contacted defendant Sean Combs’ Lawyer Pamela Gurley and was told the contract was agreed by both parties. After that, Defendant Sean Comb’s lawyer stopped answering emails from Plaintiff’s Lawyer Andrew Covington.”


Adding, “Sean Combs made a song called ‘ACT BAD’ and wanted to [sell] Act Bad merchandise, a percentage of the net profits for recorded song and music video, also a percentage of merchandise T-shirts, hats, etc.”

Kenyatta is facing $10 million in damages. You can get more details on the suit here.