In a bold display of her lyrical prowess, Megan Thee Stallion has unleashed her latest single, “HISS,” via Hot Girl Productions. The track, produced by LilJuMadeDaBeat, Bankroll Got It, and Shawn “Source” Jarrett, solidifies Megan’s position as one of hip-hop’s most talented and dominant lyricists.

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“HISS” doesn’t mince words as Megan sets the record straight, delivering fiery bars and showcasing her trademark confidence. The track kicks off with a lyrical flourish, with Megan proclaiming, “I feel like Mariah Carey, got these n****s so obsessed, my pussy so famous might get managed by Kris Jenner next.”

The serpent-themed narrative continues from Megan’s previous solo release, “Cobra,” which dropped in November 2023. “Cobra” delved into mental health themes, emphasizing the importance of shedding the past for a fresh start.


Notably, Megan played a crucial role in the production of “Cobra,” collaborating closely with guitarist Diggy Lessard to craft the beat. “HISS” now adds another fierce chapter to Megan Thee Stallion’s impressive catalog.

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