Fredo Bang just released his most vulnerable project to date: Yes, I’m Sad

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Clocking in at 15 tracks, Yes I’m Sad serves as the Louisiana native’s first project release in 14 months, giving fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for. Usually known for the turn up street anthems, Fredo wears his heart on his sleeve this time, kicking things off with the vulnerable “Yes I’m Sad” intro track.

He spits on the chorus: “Keep a poker face, so they can’t see I’m really mad. I know it’s hard to tell, but baby yes I’m sad.”


Standout features on the project include Kevin Gates on “Ring Ring,” NLE Choppa on “Sideways,” and Rick Ross on “Brand New AP.”

The Source spoke to Fredo Bang in downtown Los Angeles, during his few days in the city. Read below as we discuss his favorite songs on the project, biggest lesson learned in jail, reaching out to Billie Eilish, forthcoming music, and more!

Congrats on the release of Yes I’m Sad. The fans are fucking with the first track.

Yeah, they like that, “Tina Turner,” and “Ring Ring.” And “Come Thru.”

What do you like about Tina Turner?

It was special to me because I had rapped on that song, but I had rapped six, seven bars. But I didn’t keep going. I thought the beat was finished, the beat wasn’t finished. I had been listening to Tina Turner for two, three months straight. “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” I had been bumping it. Then she out the blue had passed, so I’m like damn. When I went back in to finish the track, it was just on my mind.

Has YNW Melly heard “Free Melly”?

I do not know because Melly hasn’t had a phone in a year and a half. I haven’t been able to talk to him, so I’m not sure at all.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in jail?

Things are going to happen in your life that you cannot control and you have to try your best to not be bothered by them. If you cannot control it or fix it. 

What’d you do every day back there?

I’ll play cards. Watch TV. Talk on the phone. Jack off. Not too many things to do in there — oh listen to music. That’s it. Or cook. I’ll cook some noodles or some shit, nothing else to do.

What was your go-to jail meal?

I’ll either do some ramen noodles or summer sausage, that’s my little quick four-minute meal. I’ll break a Jack Mackerel down. I’ll break a hot sardine down. Mix that up: mayonnaise, mustard, barbecue sauce. Take some hot fresh fries down. It sounds very nasty. But if you’re in jail and you’re hungry, this shit tastes like a five-star meal. Break the tuna down, add the tuna. Break the hot fries down, they get a little spice to it. Drop that down, you get some cheese. Mix it with the hot sardines and the spicy of the cheese. Stretch the cheese with a little water, now you got your hot cheese sauce. You get some hot corn chips and some Doritos, oh and the summer sausage. Cut the summer sausage off too, and there you go. You got your jailhouse nachos.

You ever make it after you got out?

Nah, fuck that. [laughs]

How was it meeting Kanye?

It was nice. It was cool. Kanye a character.

Did you have a convo?

It was very brief, he just told me “congratulations.” I don’t know what he’s congratulating me for, but I accept it.

Is there anyone that you fanned out meeting since you’ve been in the industry? 


“Sideways” is such a fun record. How’d that come about with NLE Choppa?

I sent it to him. I was about to put it out. I’m like man, who the fuck can match the audience with this song? Let me call my dawg. When I first hit him, he was on the tour out the country. But he knocked it out ASAP for me.

I’m sure it changes, but what’s your favorite song on the album currently?

It’s either “Tina Turner” or “Love & Relations.” Either them too.

When is Fredo gonna be in a loving healthy relationship? 

I have no idea. It’s not something I care about right now. I haven’t been able to drop so much, I really want to completely focus on my career. A relationship gon’ set me back because I’m gonna have to put somebody else before it. And I got kids.

How’s fatherhood?


What’s the best part?

Well he’s starting to talk now. He’s one.

You really getting Billie Eilish tattooed on you? 

Yeah, when I get the time. Because I got this one [shows Billie Jean tattoo on hand] and I gotta get this one fixed, because it got slapped when I was playing basketball. I feel like it didn’t heal really good. I’m waiting for her to respond, to get her permission. 

That’s respectful of you. Did you DM her?

Yeah, many times.

Are you nice with the hooping?

Well, I do have the tendency of beating people that professionally play.

Like who? 

I don’t want to say no names, or put anybody on blast.

We gotta get you in those celebrity games. 

I don’t get invited to stuff that often. 

Anyone you’d like to collaborate with? 

Drake. 21 Savage.

You haven’t crossed paths with 21?

Yeah, we cool. They be busy and stuff. They big artists, I don’t be taking offense to nothing.

What can you expect from your deluxe?

I don’t know. I really don’t know, I’m still putting it together. Just trying to make the right move with it and see. Keep the energy level up. Not too much of this, not too much of that. Taking my time.

Are there more vulnerable records? Or are they all turn up?

I haven’t decided. Because I don’t want to be a sad project. The whole message behind it was showing that an artist can make music all types of music and still be going through something.

How are you now though? How’s your mental state?

I’m working. I’m cool.

That smile!

“Keep a poker face, so they can’t see I’m really mad I know it’s hard to tell but baby…?”

Yes, I’m Sad! I know you’re trying to get three albums this year. How much music are you sitting on? 

Like four albums.

What’s your next album going to be?

Big Ape 2.

Any features that we can expect? 

On this one, ehhh. Some people be hard to get in touch with sometimes. This time, I’m not letting no features slow my drops down. 

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Yes, I’m Sad out right now. Listen to it, stream it, and learn the words.