Recording artist Doja Cat’s family drama continues to unfold as her brother, Raman Dlamini, has been served with legal paperwork related to a temporary restraining order filed by their mother, Deborah Sawyer. The legal action comes after Sawyer accused Raman of horrific acts of violence, causing her to seek protection for herself and her famous daughter.

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According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Raman Dalithando Dlamini, 30, was formally served with the temporary restraining order by a deputy sheriff last week after multiple failed attempts to locate him. The paperwork is intended to keep him away from their mother, who alleges both physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her son.

Deborah Sawyer’s petition for the restraining order highlights the gravity of the situation, detailing instances of alleged physical and verbal abuse perpetrated by Raman. She sought protection not only for herself but also for her daughter, Doja Cat, a renowned recording artist in the music industry.


However, the judge overseeing the case only partially granted the temporary restraining order, citing “insufficient good cause shown” to extend protection to Doja Cat herself. The judge advised that if Doja wishes to seek protection from her brother, she should file for her own temporary restraining order.

The legal documents, filed on January 25 in the Los Angeles Superior Court, confirm that Raman was successfully served with the temporary restraining order related to his mother on January 23. A deputy sheriff located Doja’s older brother at his Studio City, CA, apartment early in the morning at 7:30 AM.

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