Yasiin Bey, the rapper formerly known as Mos Def, hit Instagram on Monday to talk about Drake once again. This time, Bey stated he was not attempting to slander or clown The Boy.

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After saying he doesn’t hate anyone, Bey revealed, “I have reached out to him, I have no responses yet. I’m not keen to talk about people or to them through a screen, I prefer to talk to people directly.

“The young man is very talented, he’s been able to be very successful with that talent, and I have no issue with his success or anything that he’s been able to achieve as a result of his talent.”


Later in the video, Bey referred to Drake as a “very talented MC” and added that he reached out Dave Chappelle to attempt to get in contact.

You can hear it all from Yasiin Bey below.

Drake took an online shot at Yasiin Bey following the “Ms. Fat Booty” rapper claiming the Certified Lover Boy makes Pop Music.

In case you missed it, Bey was on The Cutting Room Floor podcast and compared Drizzy’s music to strolling through Target.

“Drake is pop to me,” Bey said. “In the sense, like, if I was in Target in Houston and I heard a Drake song… It feels like a lot of his music is compatible with shopping.

“Or, you know, shopping with an edge in certain instances.”

Drake showed his “edge” comment on an Instagram post breaking down the situation from a Canadian point of view: “Bohemian Bucket.”

The Boy also showed a microphone around a beautiful landscape, writing: “They’re always eager to go there and quick to forget how we got here.”

Do you think bars are on the way?

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