Last year, rapper Rich the Kid found himself in legal trouble when a woman filed a lawsuit accusing him of failing to uphold his financial agreement to keep her pregnancy a secret. Despite the allegations, Rich the Kid ignored the lawsuit, resulting in a recent court order requiring him to pay a significant five-figure sum.

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According to Radar Online, the “Plug Walk” lyricist faced a $45,000 default judgment after neglecting to respond to the allegations filed by a Jane Doe in a Massachusetts court. The lawsuit revolves around the claim that Rich the Kid paid hush money to prevent the woman from disclosing her pregnancy to his fiancée, Tori Brixx.

The legal saga began when Jane Doe asserted that she had encountered Rich the Kid during a private event at a hotel after one of his concerts in Boston on January 28, 2023. Allegedly, the rapper requested and engaged in unprotected sexual relations with her during this encounter.


The situation took a darker turn, as Doe accused Rich the Kid of committing battery afterward, describing a violent incident where he forcibly grabbed her and removed her coat, preventing her from leaving the hotel. Doe claimed that Rich the Kid followed her, even jumping into her Uber headed to her residence, an event supposedly captured by her home Ring camera.

Later, Doe discovered she was pregnant with Rich the Kid’s child. In an attempt to keep the matter under wraps, the two parties allegedly agreed to terminate the pregnancy through a settlement executed on March 29-30, 2023. The lawsuit contended that this settlement included financial payments to Doe in exchange for her silence about their encounters.

Doe, dissatisfied with the payments received, demanded the remaining amount owed by Rich the Kid. She claimed that although the rapper made two payments, he still owed her an additional $25,000. However, Rich the Kid ignored these demands, leading to the recent default judgment ordering him to pay the full amount.