This past weekend, hip-hop and R&B icons (and reunited couple) Nelly & Ashanti delivered an epic performance at E11EVEN Miami. The performance was a part of the ultraclub’s two weeklong 10th anniversary celebration. The night’s energy was heightened by the rekindling of Ashanti & Nelly’s romance in 2023 and speculation that the couple is expecting their first child together. 

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Arriving at E11EVEN Miami just after 3:00 am, Nelly was rocking his Air Forces, while Ashanti – when asked what she was wearing – responded, “Everything is Balenciaga, Oh, and this Dolce and Gabbana bag.” The singer is known as a huge trendsetter, and for her especially risqué outfits so her more comfy but equally as stylish look came as sort of a shock. Her outfit consisted of an all-pink Balenciaga look complete with an oversized Neymar jersey-style t-shirt, matching pink stiletto boots and glasses, and a black Dolce and Gabbana purse. She paired it with a ton of silver and pearl jewelry. It’s obvious Ashanti is a major queen of R&B; however, she appeared more like a princess in her Barbie-esque outfit.

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Fat Joe, Nelly and Ashanti

Inside the club, Nelly sipped on a 1942 cocktail while Ashanti opted for water. At around 3:30 am, Ashanti made her way to the stage while singing along to “Bring ’em Out.” Once she arrived, Nelly helped her up and gave her a big kiss. Her performance included “Rock wit u,” “Foolish,” and “What’s Luv.” While performing What’s Luv, much to the surprise of everyone, collaborator Fat Joe appeared on stage, and they performed their hit song together. During Ashanti’s performance, Nelly cheered his girl on from the sidelines before joining her on stage. Throughout their entire hour-long performance, Nelly and Ashanti were inseparable as they sang & danced together, bumped n’ grinded. 

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In addition, at E11EVEN on Friday night was beauty and makeup mogul Jeffree Star, who was rocking yellow hair and a Louis Vuitton Dalmatian-inspired long-sleeved blouse. Star documented his entire night on Instagram, which started at Giselle, the restaurant on the rooftop of E11EVEN. Former NFL star Julian Edelman was also spotted in the crowd dancing the night away to iconic hits from Nelly, such as “Hot in Herre,” “Dilemma,” and “Ride Wit Me.” 

On Saturday night,  rapper and “Dave” actor Lil Dicky will take the stage at E11EVEN Miami.

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PHOTOS: (Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)