Duane “Keefe D” Davis is currently behind bars and awaiting trial for the 27-year-old murder of pop culture icon/freedom fighter Tupac Shakur. Still, an officer in the Compton Police Department says that several fingers point to Keefe’s nephew, the late Orlando Anderson.

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Robert Ladd, a Compton PD Gang Unit officer, said during an exclusive interview with Vlad TV that several eyewitnesses identified Anderson as the triggerman and the miscommunication between the Las Vegas Police Dept. and the Compton PD allowed a white Cadillac that was allegedly involved in the murder to dodge apprehension.

“Within the next few days [of the shooting], we started getting calls from informants,” he said. “And our first ones were saying, ‘Hey it’s Keefe [and] Orlando was the shooter.’ They’re telling us that Bubble Up and Big Dre were in the car. This is days after. This is informants telling us. And it’s just not us; other people had informants too. [Former Compton Police chief] Reggie Sr., this guy in charge of the narcotics unit, Bobby Baker — they were also getting calls with the same information.”


He continued, “So it wasn’t just us getting information about this. We were told that Orlando came back and started to brag about it — not Keefe D, not Big Dre, not Bubble Up. It was just Orlando. Everyone’s telling us, ‘Orlando’s coming back, he’s bragging about killing them.’ You know, rightfully so, probably. But this is within his own gang. So then the word spread and people start calling us.”

Keefe D has now fired his public defender and hired a new attorney, with the letter of substitution filed on January 18. Records show that Carl Arnold, a Howard University School of Law graduate who has been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, is now representing the ex-gang leader and accused killer.