As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for their Super Bowl showdown against the 49ers, all eyes are on superstar tight end Travis Kelce and what he’ll be drinking before the big game. Kelce, an Accelerator partner and brand ambassador, will be fueling up with Accelerator Active Energy, as he has done throughout the season.

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Accelerator Active Energy provides athletes like Kelce with the highest quality nutrients, ensuring they have the energy and focus to perform at their best. With Accelerator being a staple in the routines of top athletes like Kelce, Aaron Judge, and Livvy Dunne, it’s clear that the product delivers results.

Photos of Kelce entering NFL stadiums with Accelerator in hand have become familiar, and fans can expect to see the same on Sunday, for those interested in covering or sharing on social media, tag @drinkaccelerator for updates and insights on Kelce’s game-day fueling strategy.