In a Brooklyn court on Monday, chilling testimony shed new light on the final moments before Jam Master Jay, the pioneering DJ of Run DMC, was fatally gunned down in his Queens studio in 2002. Witnesses detailed Jay’s involvement in the cocaine trade as a means to “make ends meet,” once his funds from his legendary group slowed down.

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Lifelong friend Lydia High testified tearfully, recalling how Jay smiled and embraced one of his assassins moments before the fatal shots were fired. High, who visited the studio that night to have Jay sign paperwork for a major record deal, described the shocking turn of events as the gunman, believed to be Karl Jordan Jr., entered the studio.

Uriel “Tony” Rincon, also shot in the crime, identified Jordan as the killer by his profile and a distinctive “Golden Child” neck tattoo. Prosecutors allege that Jay’s death was a revenge killing stemming from a drug deal gone awry in Baltimore.


Ralph Mullgrav, a convicted drug dealer, testified about Jay’s involvement in cocaine trafficking, describing him as a “smaller player” in the drug trade. Mullgrav detailed how Jay sought to move a significant quantity of cocaine, involving another defendant, Ronald Washington, in the deal.

Mullgrav’s testimony, following his arrest and brief incarceration for refusing to testify, provided crucial insights into Jay’s alleged involvement in the drug trade and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death.

The trial, which continues on Tuesday, promises to unravel further details in this long-unsolved case, that claimed the life of an iconic figure in hip-hop history.