Patrick Mahomes has spoken to the media in regard to the DUI arrest of his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr.

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“He’s doing good. I don’t really want to get into it too much, but he’s doing good for whatever the situation is,” Mahomes said. “It’s a family matter, so I will just keep it to the family. That’s all I really have to say at this point.”

Mahomes Sr. was arrested and charged with driving under the influence over the weekend in Texas.


This was the third time Patrick Mahomes Sr. had been arrested for driving under the influence, with the second arrest resulting in a 40-day jail sentence back in 2019, but he served his sentence on the weekends.

Mahomes Sr.’s arrest came a week before his son’s team was slated to take on the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl LVIII and a day before the team left for Las Vegas, where the NFL championship will be played.