Global Latin music icon Maluma has unveiled his latest single, “BLING BLING,” marking the beginning of DON JUAN Season 2. Inspired by the “happy corridos” movement pioneered by Mexican artist Octavio Cuadras, the song promises a fresh sound and captivating lyrics.

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Produced by Edgar Barrera, Christian Alberto Gutiérrez, and Juan Diego González Bastidas, “BLING BLING” is a revamped version of the 2023 hit of the same name. With Maluma leading the charge alongside Octavio Cuadras and the group Marca Registrada, the track brings a new twist to the beloved original.

This release marks the first of many in DON JUAN Season 2, signaling Maluma’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and exciting music to his fans worldwide. “BLING BLING” is set to captivate listeners with its catchy beats and playful antics, showcasing Maluma’s versatility and creativity once again.