So it’s set: Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan’s mystery genre project has a home, and Warner Bros is the studio that won after a hotly contested bidding war.

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Variety broke the news that the secretive film project, which will star Jordan, shall be directed by Coogler. Legacy studios such as Sony and Universal were supposedly bidding against Warner Bros.

Even before Variety broke the news, Deadline may have unearthed some intel that the alleged genre project is a vampire film because on the bottom of the Deadline piece, a tag read, “Vampire Movie Auction.” Interesting. Maybe it’s a bit of misdirection, but time will tell …


All the trades are weighing in, and The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “Details are being kept hush-hush, but according to sources, the project has been described as a period thriller (some have said it takes place in the Jim Crow-era South) involving the undead. Some sources have said it also contains anime influences — Jordan is known to be a massive fan — but it is unclear how those influences are weaved into the project.”

Before Warner Bros. locked down the rights, reportedly, Coogler will be jumpstarting production this summer. That’s considered a fast track in today’s film climate. 

Again, Coogler will be directing and producing with Zinzi Coogler, his wife and producing partner, along with Sev Ohanian. Rebecca Cho of Proximity Media is an executive producer. Cooler and Jordan have worked together on Black Panther, the Creed franchise, and Coogler’s critically acclaimed feature debut, Fruitvale Station, where Jordan starred.

These are exciting times for Coogler and Jordan. Hopefully, we’ll know exactly what this project is all about soon enough.