If Kenya Barris is involved, you know something special is at hand.

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Barris is a well-respected writer, producer, director, and actor, best known for creating the ABC sitcom black-ish. The award-winning show went on to create two successful spinoffs, grown-ish and mixed-ish, with Barris making his acting debut in #BlackAF on Netflix.

Now, things come full circle as Barris works on yet another incredible show on Netflix, this time for Vince Staples on The Vince Staples Show. Premiering on February 15th, the new comedy series brings you into the life of Vince Staples, accompanying him on his many adventures. Whether it’s hanging with the homies, going to a theme park, or even moments of almost getting shot, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Vince Staples.


The Source had the pleasure of chatting with Kenya Barris at the red carpet premiere and screening of The Vince Staples Show at Netflix Tudum Theater in Los Angeles, California.

What was the moment you fell in love w/ Hip-Hop?

I’ma say Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was the first album that happened. But Jay Z was the person who pushed me over. [laughs]

Favorite Jay Z song?

The Reasonable Doubt album. The whole album, you can play it through.

What do you like about Vince Staples?

I was a big fan of Vince. My kids love him, I love him. He’s like a hood savant. He literally is. He comes in and nobody thinks like him. He says stuff that makes you feel like people have to hear what you have to say.

Vince is known to push boundaries. Was there anything that went too far or anything you had to cut? 

Everything. [laughs] Everything. lt lived and died in the edit room. Vince pushed us as much as we could in every way.