Actor Sarunas Jackson has made headlines as he attempts to obtain a restraining order against his brother’s baby mama, actress KeKe Palmer. However, he faces challenges in locating KeKe to serve the notice, leading to a legal saga that has caught the attention of social media.

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As reported this week, Sarunas Jackson is renewing his efforts to secure a restraining order against KeKe Palmer, citing difficulties in finding her to serve the necessary legal notice. The actress’s mother and manager, Sharon Palmer, expressed her confusion and disapproval of Sarunas’ actions, dismissing them as a mere attempt to gain attention through her famous daughter.

Radar Online reports that Sharon Palmer has gone on record, stating that KeKe “never wants to see him again.” Despite Sarunas’ initial request being denied by a judge, he has been granted another opportunity to present his case in court. The stumbling block, however, is his claim that he cannot locate KeKe to serve the hearing notice.


Sharon Palmer, who raised KeKe in Illinois, has a straightforward response to Sarunas’ legal pursuits, dismissing them as baseless and attributing them to what she believes is clout chasing. “God bless him, but this clout chasing must stop,” she told

The confusion and drama surrounding this legal dispute have left fans and followers curious about the underlying issues between Sarunas Jackson and KeKe Palmer. As the courtroom saga unfolds, the public is left to ponder whether this is a genuine legal matter or a case of seeking publicity through a high-profile connection.

Amidst the conflicting statements, one thing is clear – the unfolding drama surrounding Sarunas Jackson’s pursuit of a restraining order against KeKe Palmer has become a spectacle in the entertainment world, capturing the attention of those who follow the lives of these prominent figures. Stay tuned as the court proceedings shed light on the truth behind the headlines and whether this legal tussle is indeed a matter of substance or merely an attempt to grab the spotlight.