Memphis-born, Grammy-nominated producer Hitkidd is celebrating President’s Day in a unique way: by announcing his candidacy for… well, not exactly president, but something just as attention-grabbing. His upcoming album, “Hitkidd for President,” drops in late March, and it’s set to be a sonic journey through the heart of Memphis culture.

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The album’s title isn’t just a catchy slogan. Hitkidd explains, “The project represents myself being the perfect example of Memphis, embodying the culture and putting it into music with others that aren’t from Memphis. The president thing came from me saying the president should be a great example of a leader and that’s me. I’m just doing it in a parodic and creative way.”

“Hitkidd for President” is more than just a political parody. It’s a celebration of Memphis’s rich musical heritage and a testament to Hitkidd’s own talent as a producer. With tracks that “scream authenticity” and a vibe that’s “true-to-form,” the album is sure to resonate with fans of Memphis rap and hip hop alike.


In addition to the album, Hitkidd has also released a new commercial to get fans hyped. The video features Hitkidd cruising through the streets of Memphis, rapping about his “presidential” campaign. It’s a fun and energetic clip that perfectly captures the spirit of the album.

With “Hitkidd for President,” Hitkidd is poised to take the hip hop world by storm. Be sure to check out the album when it drops in late March, and keep an eye out for more from this Memphis music heavyweight.



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