The Vince Stpales show is being talked about online daily, but Vince wants to make sure Netflix executives know the power. Hitting X, Staples revealed why the series only has five episodes.

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“Netflix didn’t buy anymore episodes so make sure you hit that double thumbs up,” Staples replied to a fan. “Peer pressure works and I’m tryna re up.”

Speaking with Complex, Vince stated he thinks streamers are moving toward short orders. “Just to be honest, you don’t see the twenties, the fifteens, the tens anymore. It’s like really six to eight and we ended up with five. But I feel like we have the likelihood of getting a second swing at it, and we’ll be able to turn around fast.”


The trailer shows Staples speaking with his love and detailing nothing that happened in his day despite every move he has made was chaos.

The series is available now.

Following the release of “The Vince Staples Show,” the rapper has gained even greater recognition, according to the CasinoEnligneGuru team, Vince Staples garnered 4,427,896 listens on Spotify over the past month. His most streamed track on the platform, “&burn,” has achieved a remarkable 224,865,987 streams. This level of engagement translates into approximately $899,463.95 in revenue.