The iconic Jennifer Lopez joins Ebro live in New York City for the second episode of her very own, exclusive This Is Me…Now Radio series, celebrating the release of her new album This Is Me… Now. Lopez gives listeners an exclusive look into her love story and all the stops on her journey along the way. 

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In part two, Lopez talks about learning to embrace her scars while making This Is Me… Now, and how her second chance at love with Ben Affleck made her want to share that sense of hope with her fans. She also shares stories and inspiration during the making of her album, talks about evolving, and how her musical original is breaking all the rules.

Also, she is joined by longtime friends and collaborators Fat Joe and Ja Rule. Fat Joe shares stories about their friendship and talks about how inspirational she is, and she and Ja Rule reminisce about collaborating on the song “I’m Real.” Then, she gets some words of encouragement from LL Cool J and Ludacris. 


When speaking about the second chance at love with famed actor Ben Affleck, Lopez told Ebro, “I have hope always that things will be great. Even when they’re hard. That is a part of me. And I think when this happened in my life there’s a surreal magical plot twist in my life. And I got a second chance at this love it made me want to share that. It made me want to share that hope and as an artist you want to share the things you know. I don’t look at, I love my music and I love to make movies and do all the things you see in the project but I also see life that way. I want to make life beautiful for myself and for my kids and my husband. And for everybody. In my own little way.”