There is nothing quite like having all the collective music you could ever want, only a single click away. Being able to select a list of artists and songs curated to meet your unique personality and needs is a thrill that anyone with a smartphone or home assistant can enjoy. 

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But what if you’re an artist trying to make it in the music industry? How do you break into these online streaming platforms so your unique sound appeals to the biggest audience? 

That kind of popularity is exactly what makes the difference for new artists like Ntantu. A hit record is just around the corner when they can boost audience listens by racking up over 485,000 Spotify streams. Instead of relying on organic searches to showcase the beautiful African-inspired R&B, listeners are being treated to expertly cultivated playlists. These music streaming services are the wave of the future and the best way to make it big in the industry. 


Spotify streams are flowing for over 574 million active monthly users. Listeners are flocking to music platforms because they can listen to their favorite artists, set the mood with the right soundtrack, and discover up-and-coming artists they may have never noticed before.

Put another way, Spotify and other music streaming services are forever changing the way artists are promoted. They cut out the “middlemen” of bygone days when acts like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones had to be “pre-approved” before getting into the industry.

Now, if you have the right stuff, your streaming song succeeding on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other services is how the world judges success. If you want to grow as an artist, you need to get music on Spotify!

How to “Go Viral” on Spotify

It used to be you had to beg radio DJs and payola services to get your songs played on the radio. The music heard while driving down the road was what determined the hit makers of the past, like Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Linkin Park, and others.

Audio streaming services like Spotify music platforms change with the times. These use a blend of social media, active listening, personalized playlists, and curated new songs to offer listeners an orchestra of digital soundscapes.

Everyone from the high school student preparing a study song list to the working professional distracting themselves with a classic rock station at work is using Spotify streams to enjoy different artists.

So, how do you go from song upload to music streaming rockstar?

Spotify for Artists: You’ll need to streamline your Spotify for Artists account. That means an eye-catching avatar, photo gallery, bio, and list of sharable songs to promote your music.

Pitch: Next, you’ll need to promote music to different Spotify streams and playlists. This is a highly time-consuming task that is often better left to professional services like TMMA (Top Music Marketing Agency), who will pitch and promote your music to popular lists.

Collaborate: An excellent way to make a splash on music services is to cross-promote with another artist. This could be something as simple as sharing a list on Instagram or being featured on a song.

Leverage Social Media: A modern artist needs to have a social media presence. Even if it is just Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok, you want a combination that ensures fans can find you and get sneak peeks into your latest releases.

Apply Canvas: You can enhance your Spotify tracks with Canvas, a feature that allows adding a short visual loop to your music. This is a visual element you can track onto your tracks, like a short video clip, hilarious photoshoot, or lyric video.

Add Lyrics: Fans love to dig into the lyrics you write. Add your lyrics to your Spotify tracks, and you immediately get more notice.

Check Analytics: Spotify music includes data analytics that tells you who is listening, where they are from, what artists are sharing your music, and any playlists you’re ending up on.

When you blend these skills and leverage a music marketing agency like TMMA, you start to gain serious digital ground that translates to more streams, greater recognition, and the chance to go from garage band to serious industry player.

The Trick to Spotify Streams – Building Anticipation

Remember, Spotify is an algorithm. There are human workers maintaining the ship, so it stays afloat, but the rest is built on AI (artificial intelligence) formulas that rake in all kinds of data and spit out thrilling new artists.

A great way to engage this music streaming service is to build anticipation. When an artist like Bruno Mars puts out a new album, they drop hints or maybe a single that hasn’t been heard from before. That gets their fanbase into a frenzy to learn more and go searching online – all while playing Spotify streams and playlists on any music platforms they can find.

Think about when Taylor Swift used her recent Grammy win to announce The Tortured Poets DepartmentThat rabid fanbase goes crazy, resulting in new statistics like Swift out-streaming Bad Bunny as Spotify’s most-played star.

If you can leverage Spotify music promotion services from industry-recognized professionals like TMMA with subtle hints in your TikTok, Instagram, and other social media, you can whip your listeners into a riot that boosts your reputation online and off.

Then, when you do announce a new streaming song, get it onto the best playlists for your music genre, target audience interests, and Spotify suggested content. That is how you “make it” in today’s music industry.

Final Thoughts

Making it big in music by playing as much as possible in local clubs is still a way to becoming a professional musician. You will get noticed, but not in the methods from the past. There aren’t that many artist research and development producers hanging around the bars anymore.What will happen is you’ll get live recordings streamed, videoed, and shared online through social media and music platforms like Spotify. If you want to be tomorrow’s rockstar and join the trend of today’s leading artists, you need to professionally promote your music on Spotify playlists. You never know when a simple backyard recording can transform into a Noah Kahan Stick Season-level hit on Spotify.

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