Yesteray, Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen posted on social media that his client would be released before the end of the night. As scheduled, Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, left the Miami Federal Detention Center, but not before hurling rocks at reporters and even allegedly threatening one of them.

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Cohen’s IG post said, “Federal Probation terminated with time served. In the Southern District of Florida Judge Maritnez dismissed all substantive counts and Kodak plead to sole violation of failure to report police contact. Time served and he should be released by tonight. With my co counsel @kodakblack.” 

Moments after his release, video footage from a cell phone caught Kodak throwing rocks at a camera man and even threatening a reporter.


Earloer this week, it was revealed that a federal judge threw out Black’s drug possession charge and reinstated his bond from last year, allowing him to be released on bond. The pills that was in Black’s possession at the time of his arrest was oxycodone, for which he had a prescription. His attorney successfully disputed a cocaine possession claim, and the oxycodone charge was dropped