Beanie Sigel is set to mark his 50th birthday and the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking debut album, The Truth, with a special event at The Met in Philly on March 8th. Joined by esteemed artists, including The Lox, Conway the Machine, and State Property, the evening promises an unforgettable celebration.

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A highlight of the event will be a live performance of the album’s title track, “The Truth,” produced by Kanye West, marking the beginning of his legendary career in music production. The album, featuring production by Just Blaze and Bink!, peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and continues to resonate with fans for its authentic lyricism and groundbreaking production.

The Met in Philly, known for its rich musical history, provides the perfect backdrop for this exclusive celebration of Beanie Sigel’s enduring legacy and ongoing contributions to the rap game. As Beanie Sigel gears up for a new album, the event also offers a glimpse into his future as an artist.


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