Movie mogul Tyler Perry has announced a pause in his plans for an $800 million expansion of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. The decision, attributed to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), underscores a transformative shift in the filmmaking landscape.

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Over the past four years, Perry had meticulously mapped out a grand expansion that would have seen the addition of 12 soundstages to the sprawling 330-acre property. However, Perry’s vision has been altered by the staggering capabilities of AI, particularly exemplified by OpenAI’s revolutionary text-to-video model, Sora, which recently debuted on February 15.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Perry expressed his awe at witnessing the astonishing potential of AI technology firsthand. He highlighted the unprecedented possibilities afforded by AI, such as the ability to create elaborate cinematic scenes without the need for physical sets or extensive location scouting.


Perry’s decision to halt the expansion reflects his dual role as a business owner and a conscientious industry figure. While recognizing the immense opportunities presented by AI, Perry also voices concerns about its potential impact on labor within the filmmaking community.

The acclaimed filmmaker emphasizes the need for regulations to safeguard the interests of industry professionals amidst the disruptive influence of AI. Perry’s apprehension extends to various facets of filmmaking, from actors and crew members to post-production specialists, all of whom could potentially be affected by the widespread adoption of AI technologies.

Notably, Perry has already integrated AI into his filmmaking process, leveraging its capabilities to streamline production workflows and enhance creative possibilities. By incorporating AI-driven solutions, Perry has solved traditional challenges, such as lengthy makeup sessions, thereby revolutionizing the filmmaking experience.