Films and television shows have been a constant part of our lives for many years. We consume content avidly, especially if the story is compelling and creative. But besides their technicalities, we appreciate or get hooked on a specific show or movie because of the actors who play the respective roles. They bring characters to life and make them relatable or riveting to viewers. 

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If you’re looking for a recommendation on what to watch next based on the cast’s performances, look no further than what Los Angeles-based Colombian actress and singer Mariana Sanjuan offers. 

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Mariana’s calling for acting was present throughout her life. Enamored by the world of storytelling, she moved to the United States, committed to getting better at her craft and succeeding in her acting career.


Her audiences know her for her riveting and sensitive approach to her craft. Mariana’s performances excel like no other. Her ability of giving life to characters who not only are complex but have a challenging inner world is a pleasure to witness. As any human being, no one is described by only one behavioural trait, and her characters aren’t either. She can play the ingenue girl that surprises her peers showing immense inner strength. She can play the victim, but you end up convinced that even in dire circumstances her character will become the hero in her story. She can play characters who are conflicted by their decisions and still through her performance, you understand their reasoning and root for them. Mariana’s commitment to the craft allows her to be a versatile actress in different genres and forms od media in this industry. 

She made her television debut in 2023 as a guest star of “The Mathis Court with Judge Mathis” with the Daytime Emmy® Award-winning Judge Mathis himself, produced by Allen Media Group. Where she embodied the life of Bria Chune, a young woman who was wronged by her boyfriend Everette Davis (Plaintiff), but still decided to stand by him in court and defend his interests against the defendant, the other girl who got in the way of Bria and Everett’s relationship. Mariana’s character was determined to make her pay for it, but things in court went awry and they lose against her. 

Besides her television appearance, Mariana’s pride and joy thus far is the short film Desaprecida/Missing. A film that she produced, starred in, and co-wrote side by side with her director Anahi G. Luna. She exquisitely takes the part of Sara who, as in any ordinary day, takes a car rideshare to get home, only to discover her biggest fear has come true. This film was made to honour and respect the lives of “all the girls that never made it back home,” for their families who hopelessly kept waiting for their daughters and sisters. It was made for all women who constantly face this daunting fear in their lives and are repeatedly gaslight by society. It intends to give these women a voice and help their stories be seen and acknowledged globally. 

Mariana had a significant role in the film as she filled in Sara’s shoes. Her rendition of the role was compelling, making viewers feel the emotion behind the portrayal. Her message clear: Coming home should not be a privilege. 

Without a doubt all of Mariana’s work has paid off and the critics agree; she in one of a kind! Mariana has won nine acting awards all as Lead Actress in prestigious festivals like the 2024 Oniros Awards-New York, LAFA 2024, New York Film Awards, The Swedish International Film Festival, the 2024 Actors Awards, and the Best Actor and Director Awards with the Gold Award (the highest honor in each category) and as of last week, best actress in a Lead Role at the SoCal Independet Film Awards. 

Another of her captivating performances worth mentioning are the web series showcased in a channel with over 8.6 million followers; “League of Love” a coming-of-age story where she played Vanessa, the backstabbing friend that gets in the way of her best friend’s love interest. Her excelling work on set, work ethic and her commitment to collaboration -core element of filmmaking- motivated the writer of the show to bring her again for another show. “Cutting Ties Forever ” where she played Virginia. Her character had the responsibility to help her friend out of an abusive relationship.

For Mariana, portraying characters like Virginia in “Cutting Ties Forever ” or Sara in Desaparecida carries an immense responsibility. These stories mirror realities that people should take seriously. Her privilege of making art out of them is only the medium to help the audience reflect and feel through Mariana’s rendition of the story.

Performing on the big and small screens is more than just a job for Mariana. It’s a craft that requires dedication that she can deliver every time. The American entertainment industry needs actresses like Mariana, who bring her spirit to every role, giving a voice and unique identity to every character she plays. Without question, she will continue to shine and stand out in this highly competitive industry, where she has already left and undeniable mark.