Reebok takes a bold step forward today with the launch of its latest women’s apparel line, the “Not Made to Be Subtle” collection. This innovative range, designed to cater to both performance and lifestyle needs, celebrates individuality and self-expression without reservation.

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At the forefront of the collection’s global campaign stands Angel Reese, Reebok partner, college basketball champion, and fashion icon. Known for her fierce spirit and boundless energy, Reese embodies the ethos of the Not Made to Be Subtle collection – encouraging women to embrace movement and style with confidence.

“I love using fashion as a vehicle for creativity and expression in everything I do,” said Angel Reese. “The Not Made to Be Subtle collection lets me do just that – with bright, bold colors and unique designs I can express myself, tackle an intense workout, and show up with style every day in confidence.”


The Lux Contour line is central to the collection’s offerings, featuring innovative pieces like the Lux Contour Crop Top ($45) and Lux Contour Leggings ($75). These garments are engineered with precision to provide unparalleled support and comfort during workouts, featuring contour panels and elongated lines to enhance the wearer’s silhouette while utilizing Reebok’s RBK-DRY moisture-wicking fabric technology.

Expanding beyond performance wear, the Not Made to Be Subtle collection offers a curated selection of lifestyle pieces, including the Studio Editorial Jacket ($120), Classics Volume Pants ($60), and Classics Jumpsuit ($95), designed for seamless transition from workout to everyday wear.

“As we celebrate National Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to introduce the Not Made to Be Subtle collection designed to honor and empower all things femininity,” says Portia Blunt, VP of Apparel at Reebok. “Clothing is such a powerful tool of self-expression, and this new collection is built to give her the confidence to move freely and boldly.”

The Not Made to Be Subtle collection will hit and select retailers worldwide on March 8th, empowering women everywhere to embrace their unique style and strength.